Saturday, October 15, 2005

Moving On - New Blog

I have decided to cease all posts on this blog in favour of my brand new site, Chewy Chewy. I will leave the older Vertigo posts here for reference, but all FBi show info, reviews, articles and MP3 hosting etc will now be on the new site. Be sure to check it out.

Thanks, see you soon,

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vertigo's Playlist for Sunday 09.10.05

Apologies for the lack of articles and new links on my site, I've just been too busy to write of late. Stay tuned though, the next installment of "Meet You Down The Front" is on it's way. Alternatively, I'm also occasionally contributing to Seb's new Cyclic Defrost blog which is called Thermostat.

Here's this week's Vertigo tracklisting

lullaby for an astronaut- kellie hansen
falling off a horse - felix laband
amidha - samadha trio
paperback - aluminum group
eternally yours - the laughing clowns
bullit (main theme) - lalo schiffrin
olive oil - happy mondays
I'm with you - love
everybody here wants you - herbert & dani
too soon you're old - penny goodwin
colours - alfie
the master - billy tha kidd
I built this city - baxendale
punnany - the dub dentist
know your rights - the clash
tunic (song for karen) - sonic youth
age is showing - earl "chinna" smith
everything I do gonna be funky (from now on) - lee dorsey
it'll never happen again - tim hardin
everybody's been burned - the byrds
the gift - ceser comanche

theme from the carpetbaggers - brother jack mcduff
solen - bo hanssen
relax yourself - karma
atmosphere - joy division
fluffy - ween
quiet village - martin denny

Monday, October 03, 2005

Vertigo Long Weekend Peepshow Special 02.10.05

The October long weekend saw a lot of partying, football and celebrating. The theme to tonight's show was "What goes up, must come down" - a painful truth for many party people around this great land of ours. We heard a cross-selection of upbeat, cereberal and ambient electronic sounds to medicate the mind and keep the juices going. I hope you all had a great weekend and that you're not too sore from your leisure activities.

and preface - inch time
woop woop - chap
madre, mother & mere - lucien & luciano
unfinished sympathy - maxence cyrin
only love can braek your heart (kenlou b-boy mix) - st. etienne
i've seen that face before - grace jones vs dj hell
wilmot - sabres of paradise
reedin (redone) - wagon christ
one two three (no gravity) - closer music
rockin' (dimlite's countersink rework) - monsoon
old geezer dub - ultramarine
let us make a record - king britt presents sister gertrude morgan
fizzy in my mouth/your mouth - howie b
the long way - superpitcher
i hate you - andreas heiszenberger
crazy in kingston - the beatconductor
mrs h - no talent kid
harry flowers - william orbit
belfast - orbital
tessio - luomo
chiminea - dj koze

Monday, September 26, 2005

Vertigo's Playlist for Sunday 25.09.05

pillow on the beach - digable planets
om nava shivaya -
steve hillage
oh sister (demo) -
the magic numbers
lay down mega man (broadway project remix) -
out walking - britta phillips & dean wareham
when she's gone -
banzai republic
estaba -
boom & birds
film noir (don meers remix) -
inga liljestrom
chiq miau -
eastern sounds
topanga road -
jim & jean
mosquitoes in the stucco -
say hi to your mom
new mistakes -
celibate rifles
night nurse - britta phillips & dean wareham
fantasy is reality -
da grind -
masta ace
talk in danger -
clip -
old booze, new friends -
porn sword tobacco
burn that broken bed - iron & wine + calexico
cast anchor - hanne hukkleberg
a whim -
dj krush
break merchant -
mceroe & birdapres
abominable snowman in the market -
johnathan richman
welcome to jamrock -
damian marley
the real moustache - erik sumo
kegrah the dragon killer -
goblin cock
sun with teeth (sybrite remix) - charles atlas

Vertigo Playlist for Sunday 18.09.05

Big ups to Dave Regos for manning the Vertigo chair while I was on a relaxing break, living the good life in Byron Bay for a week with Ange, celebrating our first year of wedded bliss (hey, we made it!).
Dave sure had the Vertigo vibe happening and once again, a huge thanks. Here's what he served up.....

dear prudence -
brad mehldau
in the pines -
get up and fall down -
holidays on ice
rear moth -
promised land -
warm hand in farmland -
mice parade
incidental backcloth -
martha -
tom waits
I hear goodnight -
low and dirty three
season of the shark -
yo la tengo
little sister -
rufus wainwright
ladybird -
nancy And lee
happy secret -
be gentle with me -
the boy least likely to
lovers -
nations by the river
turtles - pilote

flying a kite - joanna newsom
inside of in -
ken nordine
spelunking -
laura veirs
rendez vouz potrero hill -
architecture in helsinki
upside down - pioneer disposals
talking shit bout pretty sunset -
modest mouse
I shall be free no. 10 -
bob dylan
miss you -
farmer yield -
grand salvo
untitled -
all time quarterback
to die -
decoder ring
oh september -
they never really wake up -
viva voce

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Vertigo's Playlist for Sunday 11.09.05

Hope you enjoyed tonight's show. I'll be back in 2 weeks time. Angelina and I are heading to Byron Bay to celebrate our first year of wedded bliss. See you soon!

fragment 2 - eraldo bernocci & harold budd
separate digits - markus guentner
kala - yann tiersenn & eleizabeth fraser

simple things - soup
space odditty (demo vers) - david bowie
99 cent garden/crush - caural
human contact - tripping daisy
open my eyes - the nazz
12 miles to go - del tha funkee homosapien
I got six - bob dorough
let's help me - dj koze
electronique mascara - don meers
I see you, you see me - the magic numbers
my own face in the trees - the clientele

spirit - the clientele
hung upside down - buffalo springfield
zimbabwe legit - dj shadow
hill street blues - tom scott
serac - decoder ring
do not as I do - hanne hukkleberg
guess I'm dunb - glen campbell
til I die (alternate version) - the beach boys
perculator - stromba
alien abductions - soup

Filling In - Weekend Lunch, Saturday 10.09.05

It was a joy to fill in for the Weekend Lunch show - amazing how music feels different at different times of the day. Thanks to UK DJ Russ Jones for calling in for a chat about his Future World Funk set-up.

across 110th street (acoustic demo) - bobby womack
schooling the youth - glen adams & jon fx
house of glass - the glass family
sayonara - kotodama
let's help me - dj koze
the kiss - the sea & cake
go ahead & laugh - kim weston
exodus - big jim
inner london violence - bad manners
she's alright - muddy waters
pitter pattern - scissors for sparrow
screamadelica - primal scream
out of range - decoder ring
the tin roof - the minutemen
lost ones - lauren hill
shiver - skalpel
LIVE STUDIO INTERVIEW - DJ Russ Jones of Future World Funk (UK)

dum maro dum (hackney hi fi remix) - bollywood brass band
bucovina - shantel
dub up your fight - dry and heavy
kala - yann tiersen & liz fraser
soul struttin' - shirley scott
do not as I do - hanne hukkleberg
mi fresh - poor righteous teachers
u.f.o - sun electric
the real moustache - erik sumo
no alternative - dub syndicate
burn that broken bed - iron & wine + calexico
quiet february - big star
down by the river - neil young

Down But Not Out 02.09.05

Due to an unexpected visit to the emergency ward in the early hours of Sunday morning, I was unable to bring you Vertigo this week. I couldn't drive to the show through my morphine haze, but god knows I tried. Alas, it wasn't to be. Thanks to Chris Coucouvinis for filling in for me. Here's what he played.....

chill out (things gonna change) - john lee hooker
song for mary - the herbaliser
playing with sound - irresistible force
iisa - ouvi methor
the message from the soul sisters pt 1+2 - vickie anderson
feelin good - quantic soul orchestra
just kissed my baby - meters
rum boogi - don meers
havana ball - treva whateva
mr eddys theme number 1 - barry adamson
ageing young rebel - dj food
factory - martha wainwright
six blade knife - dire straits
blood of a young wolf - buck 65
free your turntable and your scratch will follow - dj cam
me and saddam - bill hicks
gangastas my style - prince paul
so fresh so clean - outkast
arnolds pizza shop - jerky boys
conducted rhythms - beat conducter
soft - lemon jelly
code 4109 (mix) - dj krush

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vertigo's Playlist for Sunday 28.08.05

weather clicker - baikonour
it's not a man's world - strata 3
theme from robinson crusoe - robert mellin orchestra
come on home - the lijadu sisters
I found the f - broadcast
fanfare - eric matthews
thinking blues - piero umiliani & chet baker
for you - bilal
move on up - greyhound
berserk warriors - mental as anything
say goodbye - khan
the long way - superpitcher
the last word - mike ladd
bad luck blues - blendcrafters
memories - the soft machine
second best - the basics
ghosties - holopaw
tugboat - galaxie 500
sail away, ladies - odetta
this is just enough - clue to kalo
weaves tinkling the ivories - noakes pressure
prelude - the millenium
it's gonna take a miracle - ken boothe
if fingers were xylophones - gorky's zygotic mynci
song for wesley - heavy vegetable
seasons - masta ace + cunninlynguists
I'd rather go blind - etta james
viite - vladislav delay
dark is the bark - the left banke

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meet You Down The Front - Part One

I've decided to start reviewing/remembering as many performances by bands, dj's etc that I have seen in my 34 years on this earth. They won't be in any chronological order and will appear whenever my synapses allow the memory fog to lift (wherever and whenever that may be). Let's begin shall we.....

1. Dire Straits (1986) - OK, let's get the skeletons out of the cupboard. The year was 1986, Dire Straits were probably the biggest band in the world at the time largely thanks to the release of two items - the CD player and the album they released called "Brothers In Arms". These two bedfellows were the absolute pinnacle of bliss for hi-fi salesmen the world over and the stand-alone guitar break in Money For Nothin' was the key point where the guy in the store would crank the big volume knob with a deft flick of the wrist stage right. Your hair would blow back like that yuppie guy seated in the armchair poster seen on many a loungeroom wall throughout the 80's. Hi-Fi guy would have his eyebrows ascending and be urging your amazement with a few rising "Huh? Huhs" and you would be absolutely impressed by the cd's crystaline digital compression (and you can't scratch them, don't you know?).
I do remember once going with my Dad and my high school pal (electronics boffin, Ian) to buy a new set of speakers. We had armed ourselves in advance with a woofer punishing 7" single of Harold Faltermeyer's electro pop masterpiece "Axel F" from the Beverly Hills Cop film soundtrack; sure to put any Japanese devised amplification to the ultimate test. But I digress.
I first heard Dire Straits via my old man's copy of the self titled album that the band issued in the UK in 1978 (it was like punk never happened) but that was the only contact I'd had until a couple of schoolmates - the afore mentioned Ian and another guy called Phil (who was into ropey jazz of the 80's persuasion) - got right into Dire Straits and took me along for the ride. But hey, I wasn't the only Australian swept up in the anarchy, madness and pure sexuality that was created by a middle-aged balding guy with a signature headband who mumbled all of his songs and spend a lot of time fiddling around at the "business" end of the Stratocaster fretboard. Along with the band of 4 others guys, the names of whom NOBODY could tell you - even with a gun to their head, Mark Knopfler managed to play the cavernous dome of reverb and poor vision that is the Sydney Entertainment Center for 20 nights IN A ROW. Holy shit.
They were bigger than vegemite and pretty much the whole of Australia saw them. For a kid (me) who'd been listening solidly to punk, ska and uk/sydney indie bands who could hardly play their instuments since I was in year 7, this was a new world. I probably played the air guitar to Money For Nothin' along with 5,000 other male guitar worshipping dags, and I recall the lighting being pretty dramatic also, with dry ice and the lot. It was my first time at the Ent Cent...but not my last, as we shall discover in future reviews. All in all it was a popular phenomenom that I was a part of and although it didn't change my life in any way, I have fond memories of the night itself with my friends from school all hittin' the big city together (pretty heady stuff for a buch of Camden lads). We did not, unfortunately, get any "chicks for free" as promisedby Mr.Knopfler & Co.

2. New Order (1986) - Now we're talking. An absolutely memorable experience for me. Seeing this legendary band at the height of their powers at the Enmore theatre was the coolest thing I had EVER witnessed in my 15 years of living. Joined again by Ian (see Dire Straits review above) as well as two other cohorts, Paul & Dick, I can clearly recall being a) the only people dropped off by our parents and b) the only people not wearing black. We probably looked like the freaks.
The support act was The Deadly Hume (who's rock tree later branched out to Ratcat, Nick Barker etc) and they had a rather large live spider in a class container with a light shining underneath it, giving the spider's shadow a huge wall sized projection. I remember thinking that was cool.
New Order came on with minimal fuss but maximum sound. It was the Brotherhood album they were touring, but we were also treated to a nice selection of older tunes. Of course, hearing " Blue Monday/The Beach" live was really, really exciting.
A few things that stand out in my mind were the way Stephen Morris did drum with the sound and precision of an actual drum machine, the way Gillian Morris was so shy that she couldn't bear to look up from her single fingered keyboard lines, the way Hooky slung his bass guitar almost to floor level and played it like a leaden beast and the way "Barney" Sumner would sing with his eyes closed for every song, not caring when he strained his limited voacals to hit the high notes entirely off key. Oh yeah, I also remember turning around at one point to see a guy standing on the railing of the Enmore's top balcony dancing in only his underpants. That, and a vague recollection of one of my mates losing a shoe or somebody slicing their foot open on a bottle are coming to me as well, but I'll have to get verification on that one.
Incidently, it would be another 17 (!) years until I saw New Order again, when in 2003, Ange and I had been to see David Byrne (review to appear in the future) at the State Theatre, and driving home, we passed by the Horden where New Order were performing. We stopped the car, bum-rushed the gates and caught the encore of "Blue Monday" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart"!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Meet You Down The Front when we'll relive shows by Mudhoney, DJ Q-bert and Jesus Jones!